As I am now ensconced in Wigmore Street I would like to express my thanks for your vision and support in the delivery of this project. We are all enjoying the space immensely and it is a delight to see the effect the new working environment has had on people’s ways of working. It’s hard to imagine life at Duke St again!

Sue West, Director of Operations, Selfridges & Co.


I can’t tell you how impressed I was with your attention to detail and finish.

Tom Davies, Master-Builder


It looks amazing! As always, working with and your team on this project was an immense pleasure. Thank you for your passion, dedication and attention to detail. I look forward to our next adventure in the world of offices and beyond!

Melda Bur, Director of Store Design, Selfridges & Co.


The new Men's space is incredible! Stunning. Personal shopping is the most beautiful space, it is every man's dream. The details, from the chairs to the art to the lighting, it is visionary.

Terry Betts, Director of Menswear, Selfridges & Co.


What you have done is truly exceptional, a masterpiece! It is absolutely stunning. Everyone is so enthusiastic… I would love to work with you on other projects, as I really like your collaborative approach.

Sebastian Manes, Buying Director, Selfridges & Co.


I love all the details including the fitting platforms. Amazing space! I popped back late evening and your ears must've been hot as we were talking what a great project!"

Angela McIntosh, Personal Shopping Consultant, Selfridges & Co.


Super feedback this morning. Thanks for everything on this project. It's been a real pleasure working together.

Max Lozinski, Project Manager, Selfridges.


I have just been given a tour of the new Designer space and of Personal shopping and I have to say I am blown away!  It is seriously, seriously nice.   I cannot imagine any guy would shop anywhere else once they have experienced it.  

Linda Hewson, Creative Director, Selfridges & Co.


The Designer Space is incredible. Your attention to detail & the intimacy of Personal Shopping is a real success.

Sue West, Director of Operations, Selfridges & Co.


A rare and perfect judgment or proportion and contrast creates a quiet, powerful drama. Many designers and architects reference the classic work of Donald Judd and the seminal minimalist artists, yet few process the theory and deploy it as effectively as Cochrane has done with his wonderful Boathouse project. Nothing delights like surprise. The contrast between expectation and the sophisticated, sublime form is a quiet triumph.

Alan Yau, Restaurateur


I am over whelmed by its beauty and perfection and impeccability.  No, not overwhelmed— that is the wrong word— restored by its calmness and tranquility. Everything so perfectly thought out, everything working exactly as it ought (except of course, me)... I cannot tell you how grateful I am to have this chance to sit here by the water and work”.

Polly Devlin, Writer


I applaud a brilliantly executed idea.

Kris Tang, Writer


I went, I saw and I slept. It worked for me. They should keep it.

Zebra. A comment posted in Dezeen.


The Boat House is perfect. A masterpiece. I loved in no particular order the light bulbs, the library seats, the way the corridor becomes an event (-somewhere to sit and with that inspired angle on the seat, making you slide back away from the corridor), the incredible perfection of the marble from the cubic shower to the detailing on the marble edging (the 4 mm drop down against the wall by the sink is inspired), the beautiful, beautiful joinery, the floor boards, the smell of burnt cedar, the way the handle on the back of the mirror aligns with the kitchen wall when closed, the sofa bed/bed sofa thing, the pencil across the pad, the barn rules, the view, the water source heat pump and your chess set. A stunner.

Argus Hardy, Architect


Brilliant really superb - may I sleep in that wonderful bed with whomsoever.

Paul Smithwick


Just to say that I thought the boathouse was lovely and that you have made it into a really wonderful space. I want to move in.

William Peers, Artist


Congratulations on your Boathouse project which is a beautifully conceived and immaculately detailed scheme.

Niall Scott, Architect


Looks nice Alex. I am particularly taken with the small circular window. This is a beautiful addition – a “tour de force”, no less

Sublime... And quietly so.

Anne Tyson, Writer


The ideal artist or writers retreat… Glows with that rare, warm picturesque charm that so many strive to emulate but only the finest can achieve.

Dr Timothy Brittain-Catlin, Architect, Lecturer and writer


The aesthetic is incredibly paired down and peaceful. Less is increasingly more as you get older anyway, I find. Or at least less of better quality (but not so it becomes obsessional, there must still be magic and roughness, or imperfection - the Japanese always understand that). 

Fiamma Montagu


The simplicity…. It’s absolutely beautiful….

Norbert Schoerner, Photographer & Film Maker


This boathouse looks like a jewel but without a proper two-night inspection I won’t be able to give a formal sign off...

Ron Kopas, Entrepreneur


Just gorgeous.

Bay Garnett, Photographer & Stylist


Clean, serene and stylishly lean. Beautiful. Just looking at it makes me want to read a good book and have a Sunday afternoon snooze with the windows open.

Tom Craig, Photographer


It is beautiful.... exquisite. I particularly like the materials and clever use of mirrors to maximise space and light.

Andrew Davidson, Architect