Selfridges Creative Offices

Bird Street, London


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The design of this 520m2 office space for Selfridges’ creative teams was the pilot scheme that later informed the complete refurbishment of Selfridges’ new head office. The brief called for new ways for people to work, think and communicate.


The existing building, which dates back to the 1950s has great views of Oxford Street. It was stripped back to its shell and new services are left exposed giving the space a raw aesthetic. Colour, fabric and pattern reflect the creative nature of the work taking place there.


Although distinct areas were developed in consultation with the three teams, the open-plan nature encourages interaction and communication.


Fabric lined booths in the library form intimate spaces while large storage units in the long central walkway become places for groups to gather for informal discussions and presentations. The main break out area takes the form of a large kitchen, which is partially screened off by black open shelving. Here ideas can be shared and team members can relax and enjoy their meals together.