The Boathouse

Windsor Great Park, Berkshire


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This Victorian Boathouse is the ultimate place for refuge, inspiration and reflection; a retreat set in isolation on the banks of a lake and surrounded by unparalleled natural beauty.


The two gable elevations are opened up in the period style to allow for a generous amount of light to penetrate the darkest areas of the Boathouse. These modifications also ensure a more transparent relationship between the interior and the outdoor setting.


The complete stripping out of an obsolete interior makes way for an open plan arrangement of three interlocking ‘living’ zones. The original A-frame structure is retained and restored ensuring that the historical character of the boathouse interior is maintained. A restrained palate of traditional materials, very fine detailing and precision in the fabrication process are key in defining the purity and clarity of the interior elements.


A new balcony stretches from the bedroom over Virginia Water lake.