Men's Personal Shopping

Selfridges, London


Selfridges,Personal Shopping,London,Retail,Fashion,Kvadrat,Fabric,Panels,Pattern


We were approached to design a Men's Personal Shopping area in conjunction with the Men's Designer West edit mat. The brief offered us the rare opportunity to create a calm and secluded space within the active interior of Selfridges department store.


The space communicates to the outside retail mat through a red glass door, which provides a focal point from the outside while reflecting the stark red paneled reception area that greets customers into the space.


Upholstered fabric walls line the majority of the vertical surfaces, which mute all sounds, and soft warm lighting creates a calm atmosphere consciously in contrast to the shop floor. The three personal shopping suites each acquire their own character through bold colour choices while common areas take a step back to allow the custom designed furniture and lighting as well as the carefully selected art to take centre stage.