Pump House

Clontarf, Dublin


Dublin,Clontarf,Pump House,Utilities,Copper,Urban and Landscape,Landscaping


Situated on the coastal promenade of Clontarf, this structure goes beyond the functional requirements of a utilitarian enclosure. The previous brick-clad box structure is demolished and replaced with a copper clad angular volume that folds and turns as it lowers towards reclaimed ground.


de Paor’s Architects re-landscaping of the surrounding area also introduces new car parking spaces, bespoke tubular lighting and berms.


Once an eye-sore, the distinctive sculptural form of the pump house now serves as a monument to Clontarf and Vernon Avenue.


This project was nominated for the prestigious RIAI Triennial Gold Medal.


Architects: de Paor Architects, Dublin.

Alex Cochrane was part of the design team for this project.