Rooftop Terrace

Central London


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We were given the task of redesigning a dysfunctional and underused 5th floor roof terrace.


The new terrace design encourages the users of the adjoining offices to take a step out of their usual routine and place of work and into a more natural and wilder habitat.


The existing brick elevation was demolished and replaced with a colonnade of stone clad columns with windows and pivoting glass doors set in between. An open and accessible dynamic between the garden and the office spaces now ensues.


Visitors can sit on wooden benches placed deep amongst satin polished stainless steel planters of herbaceous plants and tall olive trees.


Bench seating and a large terrazzo table is placed at one end of the terrace allowing for larger gatherings and meetings. The terrace is often used for marketing and celebratory events.


We worked alongside the celebrated landscape designer Tom Stuart Smith to develop the planting scheme. The terrace accompanies our work on the adjacent executive offices.


Picture Credits: Alex Cochrane Architects