A Renovated Victorian Home Part 1





The substantial remodelling of a Victorian Townhouse in a West London Square.


The house was substantially modernised to suit the family’s preferred way of living. The floors were also dramatically remodelled to fill the shadier parts of the floor plates with light by removing a number of walls that required significant structural interventions.


The spatial approach was for a series of contemporary and fluid open plan layouts that would take advantage of the vast volumes the house had to offer. This minimalist aesthetic is further expressed by a reductionist approach towards a timeless palette of naturals materials primarily of wood, stone and metal. The capabilities of these materials being pushed to celebrate their extraordinary qualities. A number of sliding walls are lacquered in primary colours providing a playful dynamic to certain rooms.


The envelope was substantially re-insulated, and materials were sourced in consideration of their negligible environmental impact.

The Second Floor is completely remodelled. A significant part of the floor plate includes the Master Bedroom and en-suite. The large bed is a bespoke joinery piece including the headboard, mattress plinth and side tables taking centre stage within the room looking onto the tall London Poplar trees rising from the garden square below.


The wall behind the headboard separates the bathroom from the bedroom but otherwise the two rooms are open plan without doors between them. Wide oak floorboards run uninterrupted between the rooms.


A marble counter with two inset sinks is positioned up against the dividing wall. Large back-lit mirrors float above the counter and sinks. The loo is open to the room with privacy being achieved by sliding across the large mirror faced door.


All clothes are placed in tall cupboards that run the length of the corridor with lower drawers and a built-in vanity desk in the bedroom area.


A new second to third floor staircase replaces the original stair. The stair is designed within a semi-circular enclosure with the roof being remodelled to allow for a full size frameless rooflight that funnels daylight to what was previously a shadier part of the 2nd floor. The frameless rooflight gives the appearance that you are looking up at open skies.


Picture Credits: Alex Cochrane