Shed One Two Three



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These re-imagined garden sheds are inspired by Elizabethan tent structures and by British modernists landscape sculpture, in particular the works of Barbara Hepworth and Henry Moore.


Serving as refuges for work and play they take on a sculptural dynamic sitting comfortably within any environment whether it be a cityscape, a natural landscape, a desert, close to a lake, within an abandoned interior or placed in your back garden.


The roof gently curves upwards towards the skies capped off by a frameless glass rooflight that rests at an angle channelling rainwater.


These sculptural attributes are also expressed internally where the structural framework of laminated spruce rafters and joists form a delicate skeleton whose appearance continues to change with the position of the sun.


The front of Shed One Two Three includes for glazed sliding aluminium framed doors that open up in a number of configurations allowing the user an immediate rapport with their outside environment. A further doorway and window are provided on the side flanks.


In light of a greater demand for working from home, Shed One Two Three are versatile, high performing havens personalised for you.


They are designed to adapt with ease from being your workspace to catering for your personal interests whether that may be bird watching, drawing, reading or practicing with the band. A reductionist approach towards the materials and the components warrants a calm and contemplative interior ideal for meditation, yoga and Pilates.


Shed One Two Three are highly thermally insulated and supplied with low energy heating. They come supplied with plug sockets, USB points and a plug and play Wifi Access Point ensuring your work routine runs smoothly. Fabricated in the workshop employing the highest standards of craftsmanship while utilising exceptional materials chosen for their sustainable, low impact environmental credentials.


Shed One Two Three will be transported to you with limited site set up and hassle to you.


Planning permission will typically not be required as the structures are designed to fall within permitted development.


These refuges are produced in two widths and two depths options too. There are a number of built-in furniture options for you to choose from. They are also designed to sit side by side and to connect back to back and front to front allowing for endless expansion.


The interiors of Shed One Two Three can be supplied to you in wood, lacquer, wallpaper or fabric lined options. We would be happy to work with you to make it just perfect for you.


Shed One Two Three is a collaboration with Modulr Space ( who specialise in flexible ecological workspaces.


Picture Credits: Alex Cochrane Architects & Modulr Space